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Assemblage Salon & Spa Co-op
Studios and Stations
for Beauty Professionals
in Connecticut.

Find the perfect station that suits your style and service offerings, or tailor your studio to match your brand and create an inviting atmosphere for your clients. Enjoy full autonomy with all the support you need! We are in this together to achieve your highest success!

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We have a space for you! 

Professionals in...

Spa furnished and decorated room in Torrington, Connecticut
Spa room in Torrington, CT

No profit-sharing hassles—just straightforward leasing. Enjoy the convenience of paying weekly, inclusive of all utilities and  WiFi. Personalize your space according to your taste, and embrace flexible lease terms. Our streamlined onboarding process ensures a hassle-free start to your leasing journey. Plus, as a part of our community, you can benefit from our referral discount program, earning one week of free rent for every successful referral. 

We've got the essentials covered - shampoo and hand sinks, on-site laundry, kitchen, and furnished guest lounges. 24/7 access, because inspiration doesn't punch a clock. We keep things clean with included cleaning of common areas. We've also got an intercom system and keyless entry. Welcome to hassle-free, comfy, and 24/7-accessible vibes!

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Your own business

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Salon Amenities

  • What's the leasing process like?
    Simple! Complete our leasing form, and receive your contract directly in your email. Upon reviewing and approving the contract, we'll set you up with a mobile app for convenient digital signing, deposit payment, and weekly rent transactions. Simplifying your rental experience!
  • What are the lease terms?
    Choose flexibility that suits your needs! Opt for a contract duration ranging from six months to five years. Plus, enjoy the convenience of easily renewing your contract for the same period once it concludes.
  • Can I sublease my private studio?
    Yes! If you're going on a long vacation or decide to take some time off, you can sublease your space to another cosmetology professional.
  • Can I customize my studio?
    Absolutely! Tenants opting for a lease duration of one year or more can personalize their space, establish their unique identity, and set the vibe by painting walls, hanging artwork, and more. For those with a 6-month lease, they enjoy the freedom to decorate their space without making permanent changes such as altering paint colors or other semi-permanent modifications.
  • Which locations do you have?
    We have locations in Torrington, Meriden, Manchester and Bristol CT.
  • What is the Referral Program
    As our tenant, enjoy one complimentary week of rent for each successful referral who signs a lease with us!

Limited Spots Available!

Bristol, Manchester, Meriden and Torrington

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Assemblage Suites

Spa suite in Torrington, CT
Esthetician in her studio in Torrington, CT
Lash studio in Torrington, CT
Eye lash technician studio in Torrington, CT
Lash studio in Torrington, CT
Spa guest waiting area in Torrington, CT
Esthetician suite in Torrington, CT
Esthetician room in Torrington, CT
Spa suite in Torrington, CT
Massage therapy room in Torrington, CT
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